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Wapapura in Bogotá!

Well, the crew and all the gear has safely arrived in Bogotá.  Here is a picture of us in La Candelaria of Bogotá, outside our accommadation, La Cumbia House!  We are sporting our shirts given to us from one of our sponsors, Sierra Nevada Brewery. We are interested to see what condition these shirts are in after the adventures we have ahead…

We have spent the first week getting acclimated and doing production homework.  Making our first contacts with the musicians we will be recording and traveling with.  Urian Sarmiento, Richard Blair, Teto Ocampo, Hector Buitrago.  Along with our other allies in making this happen, Javier Mutis, Floresmiro Rodriguez, Diana de la Vega.

So, its real, its happening, Wapapura has made it to Colombia.  May the travel spirits keep the wind in our sails and guide our way.

We will keep you posted on what is being cooked up here in this land of bubbling natural and cultural energies.

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