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Yo estuve en el Amazonas

Hace más de un año nos fuimos


Rivers are a collection of countless little streams.
Each stream originating from a different source.
Sources that can come from bubbling underground springs hidden in distant forests, waterfalls pouring down from ancient glaciers under the high misty peaks.
No matter their source, each stream tells their story.
Rolling into other streams, uniting their tales, they eventually become a grand river of song.
Hombre de Barro is the uniting of three musical rivers.
Each river having explored different sources all around one of the most culturally and ecologically diverse countries of the world. Colombia.
When these rivers unite, they travel as one. Together, they create new pathways into unexplored lands by sharing the songs and tales of all the sources where the true music is from.

Teto Ocampo — guitar and flutes
Urian Sarmiento — percussion and flutes
Juan Manuel Toro — cello

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